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    If you have been injured or your property damaged by a negligent person, or you've been taken advantage of by an insurance provider you have the right to compensation. Tired of being mistreated? Put Leonard C. Redmond, III PC in your corner.



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40 Years Of Aggressive Counsel

Proudly serving the Baltimore metro area for 40 years, you can count on us to protect your legal interests across many areas of the law.

From personal injury to insurance law and property damage, we have successfully represented our clients and have provided them with the compensation and representation they deserve.

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We’ll Help You Tell The Real Story

Unfortunately, it’s almost never enough to be ‘just’ right anymore, you have to be able to frame your argument in terms the court understands and recognizes as valid.

Our experienced lawyers have successfully worked countless cases over the past 40 years doing exactly that – and now we can do it for you!

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We'll Work Around Your Busy Day

Put a little extra weight behind your words - contact Leonard C. Redmond, III PC today to set up an appointment and take the first step to resolving your case.

With flexible appointments always available, our staff will work around your schedule to ensure that you have the time you need to fully discuss your case.

E: lcredmond@redmond-law.com

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